Collaboration Bonus

In 80% of Experimentation Programs* 
diversity leads to a higher win-rate.

  • What is Collaboration Bonus?

    What is Collaboration...

    Examples of Experimentation Programs increasing Win-Rate by involving more people.

  • Rules of Collaboration Bonus

    Rules of Collaboration...

    5 rules to follow to achieve the Collaboration Bonus.

  • Brainstorm format to gather individual and 'groupthink' ideas

    Brainstorm format to...

    A simple exercize can help people determine which ideas to proceed with first if there are too many ideas.

  • How to deal with a large volume of A/B test ideas

    How to deal...

    Dealing with a ton of A/B test ideas can be overwhelming. This video talks about a new way of collecting and being open to ALL ideas, and later using processes and tools to make sure you start with the most important ones.

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& lead consultant

Lucia van den Brink. 10+ years experience. Built her first webshop at 11 years old. A/B tested on 20M users, for big and small companies. Done almost 1000 experiments on web & app.