Experimentation Program

A/B testing to find wins and learnings

Master the successful data-driven approach used by leading brands around the globe. 

Steps of experimentation process
Experimentation and A/B testing is a scientific approach to product development. It generally looks like this: collect data (UX Conversion Research or CRO Expert Audit) to find optimization themes, then start prioritize solutions, form hypothesis, design A/B tests, develop A/B tests, run A/B test and do post analysis to learn from the data. Reject, implement or iterate the variant.  

We run full experimentation processes, or fill in the gaps in your organization. We can show you how to do research and translate findings into tests. We can help coach others, improve velocity and strategy or increase Experimentation Maturity.

The start of your experimentation process

  • Determine test velocity

    We determine your maximum test velocity, how long tests need to run and what your A/B tests will look like (how many variants are possible with your traffic, how big the changes are you can measure).

  • Setup first tests

    We check your implementation with A/A tests. After that we run the first ‘real’ experiment as quickly as possible, while doing research (i.e. CRO Expert Audit) to fuel data-driven strategies and hypotheses.

  • Scaling experimentation

    Scale experimentation in terms of: velocity, quality, and process and data-driven decision making in organization. 


Reach out to start 
increasing your conversion.

Increased Conversion and Experimentation Maturity for:

  • Semrush
  • Temper
  • Adore Beauty
  • Hotel Gyms
  • Nu.nl
  • Kpn
  • Speero
  • Independer

Questions about our Experimentation Programs

  • How many conversions do I need to start A/B testing?

    A rule of thumb is 1000 conversions, but it depends on the strength of your data, really. We can help you figure out how many tests you can run, on which pages, with how many variants and how long your A/B-test should run. If you want to learn more and get a CRO Expert to answer your questions to determine the possibilities just let us know. And also, we have worked with tons of non conventional ‘conversions’, like: signups to blog, clicks on affiliate links, app installs, account signups, increasing the number of read pages per user... It’s all possible.

  • What makes Increase Conversion Rate (ICR) agency different from others?

    We believe in diverse experimentation programs. You'll find the most opportunities for growth by looking into all directions and involving as many parts and individuals in your organization as possible. 


    And yes, we're all about doing the experimentation work correctly too. We know about statistics and research, but we're not the only one. Our unique trade is connecting and listening to knowledge within your business.

  • What’s the ROI of an experimentation program (A/B testing)?

    Do you have your AOV at hand? We can calculate the estimated ROI for you. We aim to make 3 - 5x what you're paying us. 

  • What about Experimentation Culture and Experimentation Maturity?

    We believe that the process of A/B testing is where its value really is. Being data-driven in many steps in the decision making process in product development. So not only do we want to run A/B tests, we also want to educate the organization and points of contact with work with in CRO and Experimentation. 

  • What is CRO (‘conversion rate optimization’)?

    Conversion Rate Optimization is a scientific method to improve revenue. Instead of making decisions based on gut instinct it promotes making data-driven decisions. It prevents you from harming conversions or wasting time and resources. CRO often consists of: learning from data, doing UX research, behavioral psychology, experimentation (A/B-testing) and creating an ongoing process of optimization and learning to grow.

  • Other questions?

    Happy to help out and answer questions specific to your business. Just send a message.

Start experimenting.