Thought leadership coaching

Be the expert you can be.

You are a CRO and Experimentation practitioner for years and know all the ins and out of Experimentation. 


The next step is learn to develop your own strategies, models and processes. Maybe you already know what your unique ideas are, or you're in the process of developing them. Together we will shape your thought leadership and ‘market’ your unique vision on Experimentation and CRO to the world. In this process you'll get to know yourself better ánd claim a space of expertise in our field.

You'll learn to develop frameworks and models to help others. Maybe you want to speak on (more) stages, write a book or grow your Linkedin following. These are the results of knowing your unique trait, developing and utilizing it. 

The coaching process

  • Step 1

    Learn what your unique ideas or processes are. The first steps are all about you. What do you do different from others? What's your unique thought leadership and where can we find it? You'll learn what makes you stand out. 

  • Step 2

    The next step is to shape your ideas into something digestible for others. You'll get feedback, support and you will know the core of what it is you want to tell to the world. We'll start small and create a blog post, meme, Loom video, tweet or Linkedin post.

  • Step 3

    We'll come up with a strategy to create multiple pieces of information that can be shared. And maybe grow content to a book or key note presentation. You will keep on improving your thoughts and ideas along the way. 


Become a thought leader.