CRO Expert Audit

Turn research into growth

Get insights from multiple sources and learn how this translates into growth and conversion opportunities. 

Part 1: Research
A CRO Expert Audit gathers findings from available sources of data. Our default research methods include: 5 second testing, data from Google Analytics or another tool, session recordings, heatmaps and polls. Sometimes customer surveys, card sorting, preference testing or user testing is also included, depending on the goal(s). 

Part 2: Translation for conversions and growth
From those insights an experienced CRO Strategist will form one to five optimization strategies for your website. Those strategies will have multiple tactical solutions. Those solutions include: mockups and always link back to the research done. Sometimes solutions or opportunities also include examples of UX-patterns on other websites, advice based on experience (20+ years) and behavioral psychology studies. Everything will be prioritized to help you create the most impact.

How does a CRO Expert Audit work?

  • 30 min goal call

    Together we align on your goals, plans, struggles, past research findings and new research opportunities.

  • Research period

    Findings will be translated into strategies with solutions. Everything will be prioritized.

  • Expert Audit read-out

    Expert Audit will be presented to you and your team. Afterwards you’ll get access to priotization and slide deck.

Let’s take 30 minutes to figure out 
what would increase your conversion?

Increased Conversion and Experimentation Maturity for:

  • Semrush
  • Temper
  • Adore Beauty
  • Hotel Gyms
  • Kpn
  • Speero
  • Independer

Questions about CRO Expert Audit

  • What is CRO (‘conversion rate optimisation’)?

    Conversion Rate Optimization is a scientific method to improve revenue. Instead of making decisions based on gut instinct it promotes making data-driven decisions. It prevents you from harming conversions or wasting time and resources. CRO often consists of: learning from data, doing UX research, behavioral psychology, experimentation (A/B-testing) and creating an ongoing process of optimization and learning to grow.

  • What’s the ROI of an CRO Expert Audit Review?

    The ROI of an Expert Audit Review is harder to determine than the ROI of an Experimentation Program. Most value is found in the optimization themes and possible solutions, because those are based on data you have evidence on your hands to support further development or do A/B testing (experimentation program)

    This method is based on the scientific method. It's the way leading websites optimize. We have learned startups ánd $200M companies get the hang of the process and turning it into more conversion rate, higher AOV's, etc. 

  • What type of website will benefit from an Expert Audit?

    Every website can benefit from an CRO Expert Review. Most of our clients are: eCommerce webshops, SaaS, B2B and affiliate websites. But we've also optimized for blogs and apps. 

  • Other questions?

    Happy to help out and answer questions specific to your business. Just send a message.