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Instead of asking ‘where are the women at your event?’ we started answering. Women in Experimentation originated from a list of professional speakers for events. Our aim is 30% female speakers at events. This list makes it easy to contact great speakers and busts the myth that women in our field are rare.


Women in Experimentation grew even further when it was made into a Slack Community. Currently it has 999+ women worldwide helping each other out. 


By joining up with Convert we hosted our first virtual event with equally paid speakers, 70% female speakers and 60% people of color. The event was called: Convert x Women in Experimentation. Over 500 people attended.


Founders of WIE: Lucia van den Brink and Daphne Tideman.



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Women in Experimentation started out as a list for event organizers with female speakers. View it here.

Female Speakers in Growth and Experimentation (CRO)