10+ ways to boost conversion rate in WooCommerce shop

Publication: Jan 6, 2023

10+ ways to boost conversion rate in WooCommerce shop

WooCommerce is a great tool to start a webshop in Wordpress. But how to take the next step: improve your conversion rate to a healthy conversion rate and get more sales?


Social Proof

Collect product reviews. Visitors often like to read reviews before buying. Having 5+ reviews can increase your conversions a lot.

Mention how many customers the product already has.



Give away discount codes in emails or other touch points with potential customers to convince them.

If you have multiple products, think about how they line up together. You might want to use the 'ugly brother' effect. This is how McDonald's gets you to pick the biggest fries. The biggest one is 'only 25cts' more 🍟 .


urgly brother effect pricing conversion rate increase improve cro.png



Use more than one image to show your product (preferably > 5).

Show an image of your product being used by someone.

Show 3 unique selling points of your product in bullet points. This makes it easier to read and scan.

Show related products (if you have any)



Make call-to-actions to the next step of the funnel stand out by using contrasting colors (often you see green colors).

Make sure your font size has a minimum size of 16 pixels.



Simpify your checkout. WooCommerce can have a lot of fields to fill in before a purchase. For a digital product, or some types of products, not all forms are necessary. The shorter and easier a checkout the more conversions. You can use the plugin: Checkout Field Editor for WooCommerce.

Offer multiple payment options (creditcard, PayPayl, etc) in checkout.

Read more general tips on improving CR in checkouts


Of course these are best practices. What fits your webshop best depends on your visitors and can be found by researching user behavior, data and experimenting. 👇

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