GA4: create A/B test analysis with exploration (free form)

Publication: Jun 2, 2023

GA4: create A/B test analysis with exploration (free form)

You were probably used to Universal Analytics. I used to build custom reports, or create segments without thinking. Now… we have to learn again — don't be scared, this blog is here to help.


Create a Free Form Exploration to analyse your A/B test

  • Go to GA4 > Explore (in the left banner) > Click Free Form
  • At Segments click at the + to add a new segment
  • Pick User Segment
  • Your experiment probably fires an event to GA4 for Control and Variant. Click to add an event.
  • Name your segment at the top, otherwise it will be called ‘Untitled segment’
  • Click Save and Apply if your segment looks good
  • Drag the segment into segment comparison. Select Pivot > First Column
  • At Metrics click the + to add Total Users and Conversions. Drag those to Values. 






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