How to recognize a good and useful CRO Audit

Publication: Dec 4, 2022

How to recognize a good and useful CRO Audit

How do you find a consultant or agency that you can trust and will deliver you results that help you increase conversion rate for your webshop or website? 


  1. A CRO Audit should pull insights from multiple sources like: Google Analytics Data, polls, heatmaps, session recordings, User Testing, 5 second testing, Customer Service Interviews, Review Mining, Heurstic Review. Combining multiple sources of insights is where a specialist will find room for improvement and growth. 
  2. It should be clear that without a dedicated experimentation program (A/B-testing) results are not guaranteed. You should doubt consultants or agencies that promise to double your conversion rate.
  3. A good CRO Audit shows you both he problems, pain points and findings from resources and translates this into solutions, ideas, mockups, hypotheses, next research steps or test ideas. Bonus points if they indicate a strategy or optimization themes. Extra bonus points if the next steps get prioritized with a priotization model. 
  4.  A good CRO Audit is done by someone or a team with experience, perferably someone that has done A/B-testing and/or analytics and research for multiple brands.

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