Proven optimizations to increase conversion in checkout

Publication: Mar 13, 2023

Proven optimizations to increase conversion in checkout

Increase the conversion rate in the checkout of your eCommerce store with proven optimizations. This is a helpful list for eCommerce stores that might not have the ability to experiment (A/B-test) but want to rely on learnings from 6 - 9 figure eCommerce checkouts. Or if you want to get some inspiration to do experiments, this is also for you.


Of course: every webshop is different, and if I've learned one thing about experimentation and optimization it's that not everything works everywhere. Best practice is not always the best. But, after doing hundreds of tests and over 6 years of experience with large websites, I often come across the same things I recommend for checkout optimization experiments.


The checkout should be a one-way-street

Remove the back button in your checkout. (proven: 3 times)

Make the logo of your website not clickable. (proven: 4 times)

Remove the navigation from your checkout. (proven: 3 times)


Reduce cognitive load

Remove noise and distractions in the checkout. Filling out the forms of a checkout needs a lot of attention and ratio from your visitor. (proven: 3 times)

Sometimes removing feedback forms (Hotjar or Usabilla) or customer service chats improves conversion. (proven: 2 times, rejected 1 time)

Use no images and colors (proven: 2 times)


Less checkout pages or steps

Making the checkout one long page or contain less pages can help visitors convert (proven: 2 times, rejected: 1 time)


Make basket in checkout not changable

When visitors don't have the ability to edit their cart anymore, they convert better. (proven: 1 time, rejected 1 time)


Sticky button

Use a sticky button at the bottom of the checkout to go to the next step. (proven 2 times)


Help correct typos

When a visitor types @gmal instead of gmail give some user feedback like: did you mean This works even better if this is clickable and immediately adjusted for the user.


Show brand reviews in checkout

Showing stars and number of reviews in checkout can increase feelings of trust. Don't make them clickable though! (proven: 1 time)


Repeat free delivery and returns

Sometimes repeating the message of free returns and free delivery increases conversion rate. (proven: 1 time)



Collapse cart in checkout

Having a collaped cart instead of showing all the products in checkout can lead to more conversions. (proven: 1 time)


Reduce font size that shows price

Reducing font size or any extra attention to the price the customer needs to pay can lead to more conversions. (proven: 1 time)


Improve copy on last call-to-action in checkout

The last call-to-action button in the checkout is the most important one. Making it clear what will happen next can increase conversion. An example of the text in this last button is: Order and Pay.


Emphasize that checkout is secure

Emphasizing that the checkout is secure with a short message like 🔒 secure checkout on top of the checkout or close to the call-to-action can increase trust and increase conversions. (proven: 1 time, rejected 2 times)


Automatic field validation

Immediately show the user whether a field has been filled in correctly or not. (2 times rejected).


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