What an experimentation team running A/B tests can look like

Publication: Mar 31, 2023

What an experimentation team running A/B tests can look like

Experimentation teams come in many forms and shapes. Agencies or experts doing CRO need to know a lot: how to design, all about UX patterns, data, how to setup a/b-tests, how to analyze a/b-tests, how to do UX research, and so on. Often CRO or experimentation is about teamwork. 

You see our preferred team in the picture, but we adjust the team to the needs of the organization.


The professions you'll need to able to run experimentation programs

  • Someone to lead the project. These are often called an experimentation strategist, CRO specialist or consultant. Often connects with the point of contact on client side. 
  • Designer. Someone to design the experiments (according to brand guide) and think along with the strategist about the UX. 
  • Developer. Someone to develop te experiments in code. To setup the correct events. Potentially build an in house testing tool. Also informs about UX and possibilities of the web. 
  • Analist. Does pre-test analysis, analyzes the data of research and does the post test analyses. 

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How many people do you need for A / B testing?

Some people can fill multiple roles. Often an CRO consultant is also able to do analysis. Sometimes they are able to code or design. So, what can a big CRO Team look like? Some flavous you can add to your A B testing or experimentation team:

  • UX Content Designer, copywriter, content creator.
  • UX researcher to do continous research
  • SEO specialist to make sure the implementation of tests don't have a negative impact.
  • Product Owner or Head of Product to keep the team on track with the business strategy.
  • Project Manager to manage all communications and deadlines with others.
  • Data scientists to come up with prediction models and does proactive analysis.
  • QA / tester


Where in an organization does CRO and Experimentation live?

I've seen CRO being part of marketing teams, product teams or as a centralized agency within a big company. 

  • Marketing, eCommerce or Digital team
  • In a Product team
  • As an agency within the company servicing different brands or departments 
  • Decentralized CRO teams with different departments with one centralized Centre of Excellence

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