What's a healthy conversion rate and how to improve it

Publication: Mar 4, 2020

What's a healthy conversion rate and how to improve it

The conversion rate is like the heartbeat of a website. You may be wondering what a healthy, 'normal' conversion rate looks like. Of course the answer is: it depends.


Generally a conversion rate of a big webshop is between 1% and 3%. A conversion rate of a B2B lead gen is usually lower or low. If you have an app, generally the conversion rates in app are higher than on web. Learn to build habits for your visitors in app and increase your conversion rate.


A low conversion rate can be an indication of:

Low quality traffic: the traffic might not be people interested in converting

Users might face difficulties in their journey to conversion

Users get confused or too much doubt during the journey to conversion

How to improve your conversion rate:


Improving conversion is 80% research and 20% CRO. Start with a holistic research to find user problems. Think about session recordings, 5 seconds tests, copy testing, data investigation, heatmaps, user interviews and an expert review (this is all part of our CRO Audit Service) to find the bottlenecks in your conversion. Focus on main devices and browsers.

Improve your website, webshop or app with redesigns that are verified with User Testing or with A/B-testing (experimentation). Make sure the journey to conversion is doable with your eyes (almost) closed.

The closer you are to the checkout, the more impact changes usually make. Get some proven optimizations to increase conversion in your checkout here.

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